I am running my office for the past two years in Aaltos A&M Trade Center The Builder is so friendly, co-operative and full supportive. The experience I had with them during that period is really worth remembering. J have entered the premises, after the total building construction is finished, I found some extra projection in the toilet area, on my request the builder took interest and removed the extra projected wall and constructed a new wall again according to my requirements. Normally builders will not allow any extra construction after the building is finished, but they were very supportive with me. As per the guide lines set by them, now the building maintenance is also very clean & neat and adds value to my premises.

Mr. T. Thulasi Ramarao
304, Aalto A&M Trade Center

The hall mark of our builder has been the total commitment to quality and timely completion of the project. Immaculate selection of the location and keenness to provide ultra modern facilities to the buyers have also been one of their trade marks.

Every day, I can not resist the temptation of praising myself for having made a judicious decision in purchasing one office space in the heart of the city, which has become a land mark in our locality.

Mr. S. Padmanabhan
308, Aalto's A&M Trade Centre
Himayat Nagar
Hyderabad- 500 029

My Experience with Mr.Sanjay Bansal (M/s. Devansh Construction) Has been one that I am going to cherish forever. A perfect gentleman, who delivered, what he said, he would, and that at the right time.

Mr. Dilip R.D
F- 5, Aalto's A&M Trade Center

I am really very lucky to have bought property here. M/s Devansh Constructions are Co-Operative, considers clients requests in executing specific requirement.

Mr. Vishal
Trend Setter the Garment Shoppe
LG- 5, Aalto's A&M Trade Center