We are based in hyderabad , india and find herewith below proposal for 5cr to 100 cr cheque investment that if you intend to do with us

  1. Legal # 12 acres land in Patancheru purchased and registered sale deed in our devansh infra Llp (parent firm) , legal clear title and possession with us since last 3 years
  2. Present stage of permission # land use change approved in maud committee from conservation zone to residential zone , file presently with maud minister ktr sir once signed g.o. Will be passed then ghmc sanction , expected time lines to get sanction 6 to 12 months from now
  3. we are proposing apartments , we have sales tie up with odf public sector giant for buying apartments , today’s selling price is 4000 per sft , we will allot @ 3000per sft with 100% payment today , with 12% mg , expected permission time 1 year expected project completion after that 4 to 5 years , appreciation is your bonus , expected roi normally in all our projects is 24 ,we work backwards we don’t speculate
  4. Exit time can be capped to 5 years
  5. We will enter into mortgage loan agreement with you with moratorium period with sft allotted as per above rates we can discuss further on this in case you wish any other alternative also
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